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01 November 2010 @ 12:50 am
Round 25 Banners  
Round 24 and 25 winners should have their rewards. Here are the round 25 banners!

Please save them to your own server and let me know once you've got them!

I'm not going to turn the community over to surrel, so give your new mod a warm welcome!
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wockyswockys on November 1st, 2010 05:59 am (UTC)
I got it thanks! (and for the gift card!) :)

Cyan: Fai Smilecool_spectrum on November 1st, 2010 05:16 pm (UTC)
Welcome surrel! I'm glad the community will keep going!
Kiogo: cookiekiogo on November 1st, 2010 09:49 pm (UTC)
Banner saved, thank you!! ^^
So glad to hear iy_lims won't close! Welcome surrel!