Surrel (surrel) wrote in inuyasha_lims,

Round 26 Week 1 Voting

I'm really sorry for the huge delay. It's been a crazy few weeks for me between working, family, and etc and most of it was unexpected. @_@ I'm hoping things have finally died down *knocks on wood*

But for week 1!

Vote for your ONE LEAST favorite icon. You MUST give feedback explaining your choice. Please make it objective and skill-based, rather than a personal opinion. If you don't give feedback, your vote will not be counted. Positive feedback on icons you like is also encouraged, but not required.

01 02 03 04

Voting will end Thursday January 6 @ 8 PM PST, good luck! When voting ends, all the votes will be unscreened, so be polite.

The following members are using skips:

A new theme will be up shortly~
Tags: round 26, voting
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