December 6th, 2010

Kingdom Hearts // The King Wears The Cro

Round 26 Challenge 1

Sorry for the huge delay. Everything has been crazy lately (and not to mention I might have gotten a little sidetracked with KH2 :x)


Asterisks indicate participants with an extra skip (2 total).

(Due to the low number of participants, there won't be a $5 prize this round)

The Rules:
[x] You must use the rules provided.
[x] You may only use official images (manga or anime).
[x] Textures and gradients are allowed, as are animations.
[x] One icon per person.
[x] Do not share your icons with others. Do not tell anyone which icons are yours. ETC.
[x] Icons are due Saturday December 11 @ 10 PM PST to this screened post.

Challenge 1: Song Titles (your icon must feature a fairly well known song title)

When submitting, please indicate the song title and artist used.